Ibiza Upgrades For Record Season

Published: Saturday, 20 May 2017
Ibiza Upgrades For Record Season

As May dawns, Ibiza prepares for what is predicted to be a record breaking season for visitors to the island. As always a number of hotels, apartment complexes, venues and amenities have had a face lift over the winter, many have added new facilities and the rest have, at least, been spruced up for the summer.

Playasol Ibiza Hotels has reported a hike in sales of some 13 % for 2017 and announced a budget of twelve million euros for the refurbishment of its hotels, including a complete transformation of Els Pins in San Antonio Bay to be opened in 2018. Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel chain Pestana CR7 Lifestyle Hotels, have announced a planned expansion into Ibiza in the near future. This, reportedly, followed an inspiring visit to the island by the Real Madrid star.

For this summer, Ibiza’s beach of Talamanca is graced with a newly gentrified Playa Real, whilst, in the centre of Ibiza town there are plans for the 2017 opening of a new super-yacht Marina with 16 berths of up to 185m. The port development is in the area formerly occupied by the car ferry dock to the mainland and the concession, awarded to specialists Sovren House Group by the Balearic Islands Port Authority, will, hopefully, lessen pollution damage to the nearby UNESCO world heritage site, D’Alt Vila. It has become increasingly apparent, recently, that the face of tourism in Ibiza is changing, and that governing bodies are trying to attract an upmarket clientele.

Consider, then, the impact for families and those with a limited budget, who still want to visit the island. Can Ibiza remain accessible to all? Santa Eulalia and its surroundings have been home to several high-end hotels for a number of years, and, although the infrastructure of shops, bars and restaurants tend to reflect a wealthier client base than, for example, San Antonio, it has not prevented more modest hotels and apartment complexes from surviving and thriving side-by-side with their upmarket neighbours.

In the new economic climate hostels and basic accommodations are doing their own smartening up with stunning results. Demand will inevitably drive up prices in peak season and, more than ever, there is the danger that Ibiza will not have enough beds for heads. All this means that despite the introduction of stricter licensing regulations, private property can be a feasible solution to group accommodation whilst representing a wise and lucrative investment to would-be landlords. British Airline and Tour Operator Jet2.com have announced a huge 48% increase in Ibiza bookings and plan to operate almost 60 flights per week to the island, incorporating some 9 routes.

Traditionally operating from Scotland and the north of England, Jet2.com have introduced flights to Ibiza from all over the UK and have, in recent years, successfully added package holidays to their portfolio. British Airways plan to reinstate routes from Birmingham and Bristol in 2017. It is increased air capacity, such as this, that will provide some of the best customers for privately rented accommodation, customers who will appreciate a home-from-home and remain loyal to the charms of the island, even those that are free.

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